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oliver carlin mushroom png



(AKA The Mushroom Man)

Oliver is the Founder of Curative Mushrooms.  Over the past 4 years, Oliver has built a following of over 200,000 Mushroom Lovers, sold thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of 'Happy Mushrooms For Sad People' and helped over 30,000 people who suffer from things like Depression, PTSD, Anxiety and Addiction find a natural and healthy alternative to traditional medicine...


Highly Saught After 'Happy Mushrooms' Growing Trainer!


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When Oliver grew up he was surrounded by half/step brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts that also suffered from mental health issues...

Many of them were hospitalized or in jail for schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction...

They were all told by the doctor that they should take prescription medication to help them...

The problem was none of the medicine ever seemed help them with any of their issues...  If anything it would just numb their personality but didn't really seem to help them...

Oliver always knew there had to be a better way to help people who suffer from these things but just didn't know what...

Now let's fast forward to when Oliver got introduced to mushrooms...

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As far back as Oliver Carlin can remember he has always had an interest in improving his health though natural/organic plants that grow from the earth.
He would stay away from things that weren't natural like medicine's created in a lab.

During his 20 years of Navy service he had met a lot of people who suffered from things like depression, PTSD, Anxiety and addiction.  Not to mention that 80% of his immediate family also suffer from these things as well.

2019 is when he started to look into the amazing health benefits of mushrooms and what they can do for people.  And he was overwhelmed by the countless clinical studies that have been conducted on over 100 different strains of mushrooms spanning over 100 years...

This is when he created a blog site to educate people about these health benefits, which where the Curative Mushrooms company was born... 

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As the Curative Mushrooms community started to grow Oliver started to get an a ton of questions from people who wanted to grow mushrooms that they could not get legally.  This led to people asking Oliver what the easiest way to grow mushrooms from spores was...

One customer in particular told Oliver his story about how he was suffering from major depression and PTSD from the loss of a loved one.  It was so bad that he had tried to kill himself on multiple occasions and on the most recent attempt he was actually successful

Luckily for him some friends found him and rushed him to the hospital where they were able to save his life.  And since then things like mushrooms had helped him to overcome his depression with only a single dose of eating the mushrooms...

He was reaching out to Oliver to ask what the easiest possible way to get the spores he wanted was and the simplest way to grow them... Without having to become an expert mushroom mycologist and spend $1,000's of dollars on equipment was...

Oliver also realized that with all these amazing health benefits that this could also be something that could help his own family...

This started Oliver on a Journey to creating the simplest possible way to get people to grow ANY type of mushrooms they want and would end up being the future foundation of the Curative Mushrooms company...

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This journey went on over the next 2 years to research and develope the simplest possible way to grow ANY mushroom from spores even if someone has never grown ANYTHING before in their life...

It didn't start out that smoothly though... Because it was not easy to find this information.  And it seemed like one person would say something and then another person would say that you couldn't do what the other person said you were suppose to do (it was very confusing)...

Him and his team has spent thousands of hours and $100,000's trying to make a grow kit that works with 100% success from spores and grows huge and fast growing potent mushrooms...

With four different versions of the kits...  Some kits would get a bacteria infection... Some would grow a bad green looking mold... Some just wouldn't do anything at all!

However, people's lives literally depended on being able to get these mushrooms easy to grow so him and his team kept on trying to get it right...

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Oliver and his team finally did it!

They made the simplest grow kit on the market for someone who has NEVER grown anything before in there life to get their 1st growth of mushrooms in less than 30 days...

And he figured out a legal loop hole that allows people to get any type of mushrooms spore syringe delivered right to their door for the purpose of studying them under a microscope (totally legal as the spore don't contain anything that the government doesn't like 😉)... Basically, all grow kits ship separately with a cool bonus mycology book/kit that shows how to study the spore syringes that come with it under a microscope

Not only was Oliver able to help other people to get these mushrooms easily but in the process the mushrooms also changed Oliver's life FOREVER...

Along this journey he himself has experience a Hero's Journey dose with mushrooms and now microdoses daily... He now has in own personal stories that tells about how the mushrooms have changed (even saved) his life and how he sees the world as a COMPLETELY different place after just a single dose!

Now Oliver is on a journey to help spread the awareness to as many people as possible about what these miraculous mushrooms can do for people.



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1.  Receive Your Grow Kit Legally For ANY Mushroom You Want To Grow.

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2.  Inject Your Grow Bag And Wait 30 Days For Them To Grow (No Extra Equipment Required).

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3.  Get Up To 100 Dry Grams From Just One Single Grow Bag.

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4.  Enjoy The Depression, PTSD, Anxiety & Addiction Releif Benefits That 1,000'S Of Members Tell They They Receive From These Kits.

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You Can Grow ANY Type Of Mushroom With These Kits!

The #1 question Oliver gets about these grow kits is how can people get the spores they want to grow with these kits...

Oliver discovered a legal loop hole that allows you to receive a spore syringe for ANY type of mushroom you want to grow.  This possible because they spores don't contain anything that the federal government doesn't like.

This is overcome by you receiving a bonus Mycology Kit with your grow kit that ships with two 100% viable spore syringes for you to study under a microscope (What you choose to do with those spores syringes is up your business 😉).

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Get Your 'Happy Mushrooms For Sad People' Grow Kit Now & See How Easy Growing Mushrooms At Home Can Really Be...

Even If You Have Never Grown Anything Before In Your Life You Can Get Your Own Happy Mushrooms Grown At Home In The Next 30 Days (Everything You Need Is Included)...